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Words we craft, emotions we endured and ideas we shared does not eradicate the “me” in me, neither a “you” in you! Everybody possesses a greater he/she inside, a greatness he/she only defines. Each had their own untold story, pain, joy, heartbreaks…each facing them on his/her preferred way!

Everyone, no matter which group he/she belong, must acknowledge that only a man can deter his life, a part can only be shared, many will understand but only few will truly care. To understand does not mean to feel, for to reconcile does not equate to unite. Still uniqueness will cease for no one can govern another. To belong is a constricted word and a more limited action.

Hiding emotions and maybe malicious worsen everything, and misconceptions weakens the bond but those are things we easily do. It feeds on connections, connections which differ from form to form, one to another.

Speak out immediately!
Share but learn to understand and accept!

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